Make the most of the time you have

About two months ago I had to start working night shifts at work almost every day because colleague that usually covered them went on a sick leave. At first, I thought it was just going to be for a couple of days max because we expected him to come back soon but as the days passed it slowly became obvious that it was not going to happen. Obviously, I wasn’t very happy with the new situation because I had a lot of plans for this summer that all went up in smoke because now I had to work during the night and what little free time I had during the day I would usually spend it sleeping. I started complaining how I didn’t have any time at all to do anything and was very agitated most of the time, I could barely talk to other people without being rude or aggressive. I tried telling myself that the situation isn’t all that bad because night shifts meant more money for me and it was all for a short period of time, couple of months maybe but that didn’t help and I was still pissed at the whole world. How very stupid of me. I was looking at it from a very different angle. Instead of looking at it from material standpoint (more money) or from a standpoint where I was counting the days until it all ended I should have, instead, used the time that I had (and actually I had a lot of time). You see, during the night shifts there is not much to do and most of the nights I would spend watching movies, tv shows or YouTube video clips or I would just aimlessly scroll through social networks and other websites. I didn’t really put in the effort to use that time to do something productive that I really loved, and I could do that. I could be paid a lot more money, work less and spend my work-time doing the stuff that enjoy. I wasn’t making the most of the time that I had and I was unhappy because of it. Now that I see that I’m using my night shifts to do things that I really love and enjoy and since the nights are really great time to get your creative spark going I started to write a lot. The best thing about it is that all of a sudden, I look forward to the nights alone at work and no longer care how long I have to continue working them. It all comes down to the way that you use the time that you have, I’ve heard that one thousand times before but now I really understand what it really means. It really works and you should try it, life is way too short to do things we don’t like so make sure that what little time you have you spend it doing the things that you really love.

And that leads me on a utopist idea of a world where you don’t work for money (because it doesn’t exist) but for pleasure. But that’s a whole different subject I don’t want to get into because I would get all philosophical (even though 99,84% of everything I say or write is completely philosophical).

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